Plastic Newspaper Bags

It is raining. That’s one reason plastic newspaper bags are used. This will help keep newspapers or printed materials dry even though the rain is falling down on them.

These bags are waterproof and made of strong polyethylene materials. Sometimes these are tied shut or a twist tie is used. Another element that could be part of these bags is a handle. This is convenient because the newspaper or printed materials can be hung from a doorknob ensuring customer awareness.

These bags are often simple either being clear or cloudy and big enough to slide in a rolled up newspaper. Another option is getting colored bags or those with the newspaper or printed material logo printed on them. There are also lightweight blue bags that are being used for this purpose as one example, but colours can be adjusted to specification.

Newspaper bags are not a new invention and have worked successfully for years. These bags often are UV ray protected as well even if they look clear. This will help prevent fading of the newspaper if it is out in the sun for several hours or longer.

For the convenience of your subscribers to your newspaper or printed material, a properly sized plastic bag will keep your product safe and dry. Particularly if you are providing your customers with coupons they can use in a printed material packet, you will want to ensure that they are protected from the elements.

Contact us for a free personalized, competitive quote. We work to your specification, particularly when a logo is required. Let our team help you provide your customers with the added protection from plastic coverings for your printed material. 

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