Plastic Produce Bags

Plastic produce bags are made from food grade polyethylene and help keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Clear produce plastic bags come packaged on rolls for your customer's convenience and for the ease of allowing your cashier to see what your customer is buying at weigh-in and checkout. The product can be perforated and stored in the refrigerator for continued freshness and added organization.

Produce bags are strong enough to hold large quantities of produce. They are available in different sizes and even colors in some stores. Although transparent, custom colours are available. General plastic produce bags are approved to come in contact with food so you don’t have to worry about health concerns. These bags are also lightweight and generally easy to use.

You can create your own logo and use the produce bag your customer will reuse to advertise your supermarket or store. Although these bags are available in stock sizes, logo bags can be produced to your specification within a short period of time. Stock sizes come in clear plastic or with a fruit and vegetable logo.

These produce plastic bags are especially made to be easily handled by your customer. These bags also have a gusset on the bottom or the sides to allow for extra storage space and easier handling. They can be used with twist ties and in some cases even have a handle your customer can carry to checkout--the bags resemble a small clear t-shirt bag.

Please contact us to inquire about stock sizes, which are always available or about how we can help you prepare a personalized logo on a custom order. The most popular standard sizes are 12" x 20" and 8" x 16". As with all plastics, this product is recyclable or reusable by your customer.

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