Poly Tubing

When packaging items of different sizes to ship, poly tubing can help. It is useful when packing a large amount of items of different dimensions. Polyethylene tubing can be cut in various sizes to suit.

This material comes in a roll that can be trimmed to the size needed. Polyethylene tubing can be purchased at affordable prices as they only undergo one process: extrusion. The loose sleeve are usually wrapped around the product to help protect it. A heat sealer is then used as a means of added protection to seal the contents inside the plastic.

Plastic tubing can be customized to suit. Both sizes and gauges can be adjusted to suit the customer's requirements. It comes in various colours as well, with white or clear being the most popular. The tubing is usually made of low density polyethylene that is durable.

Tubing is perfect for packing because it can be lightweight as well as protective and flexible enough to support items of various shapes and sizes. It helps resist moisture, chemicals and even dirt.

This packing material saves money as well because it presents little to no waste. Polyethylene tubing is also used for different product production such as milk containers, shrink wrap and various other uses, including industrial. Being made of polythene it is weather resistance meaning it is resistant to fairly extreme heat as well as cold and it will keep its strength. It is also available in food grade.

Large shipments of tubing can be made for bag manufacturers as well as Toronto Plastic Bags sells to manufacturers and wholesalers. Prices are competitive for manufacturers of plastic bags and resellers.

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